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Structs, Records, Enums

The following table lists structs, records, enums in this documentation.

Accelerometer/gyro meter/gyroscope values for a specific axis. 
Accelerometer/gyro meter/gyroscope values on the 3 axes. 
Forces projected on the 6 half-axis of a physics geometry. 
The structure is used to send parameters to servos's 'WaitComplete' system. 
DeviceImageSource settings. 
Camera images capture settings, extended version. 
Servo's configuration. Values named EffectiveXXXX are the ones really applied by the servo and are always <= to XXXX values. For exemple, EffectiveMaxTorque ( user define value) is always <= to MaxTorque ( mechanical servo configuration defined in Marilou editor). 
GPS configuration. 
GPS measures. 
Inertia information of a rigid body. 
Axis spring parameters. 
Axis spring parameter to be set. 
Range Finders scan values. 
Range Finders working modes. 
This is record Moda::Commons::RGBA8. 
Surface information. 
Lidar scan values. 
Lidar working modes. 
TouchArea device state. 
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