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The following table lists classes in this documentation.

Command line arguments management. 

Connection from the application to the simulation server (MODA server).



Base class of Devices or CoreDevices, encapsulates the commons devices functions.



Absolut compass sensors.



Accelerometers, gyro meters and gyroscopes.


Jacks management. 

Air pressure management.



Cameras and images properties.



Contact sensors.



Proximity detection.



Emitters/Receivers management.


Communication with/from an external data source (port). 

Force Sensors management.


GPS management. 
LCD management. 
LED management. 
Lidar management 
Light sources management. 

Motors management.


Range Finders management 

Servo-motors management.


Sound source device access. 
Surface motion device access. 
TouchArea device access. 

DevicesGroup is a set (array) of devices with the same type (class). The network calls are centralized and parallelized.


The Contact group allows to parallelize DeviceAbsolutcompass devices calls. 
The AccelGyro group allows to parallelize DeviceAccelGyro devices calls. 
The ActuatingCylinder group allows to parallelize DeviceActuatingCylinder devices calls. 
The AirPressure group allows to parallelize DeviceAirPressure devices calls. 
The Contact group allows to parallelize DeviceContact devices calls. 
The Distance group allows to parallelize DeviceDistance devices calls. 
The forceSensor group allows to parallelize DeviceForceSensor devices calls. 
The LED group allows to parallelize DeviceLED devices calls. 
The LightSource group allows to parallelize DeviceLightSource devices calls. 
The Motor group allows to parallelize DeviceMotor devices calls. 
The Servo group allows to parallelize DeviceServoMotor devices calls. 
The SurfaceMotion group allows to parallelize DeviceSurfaceMotion devices calls. 

The Servo group allows to parallelize DeviceTouchArea devices calls.


Rigid Body. 
Joint's axis. 
Image management. 

ModaEntity is the base class of others MODA classes (Devices, Robots).


Pixel of an image. 

RobotPHX: PHX file reference (Robot)


Geometry's TraceDisplay. 
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