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DevicesGroup is a set (array) of devices with the same type (class). The network calls are centralized and parallelized.

class DevicesGroup;


The group accesses the devices in a single network call instead of separately dialoguing with each device. It makes it possible to relieve the network (1 single call) and considerably accelerate the read/write operations from the user algorithm. For example, controlling servos motors : 1 single call is necessary to control all the articulations of a robot. Without group management, 1 call for each servos is required. 


User can then create legs servo group, arm servo group and control directly the leg or the arm with a single network call. The devices can be part of several groups. The device can be called directly even if inside a group. A group only contains devices of the same type and created from the same Connection.


The number of devices per group is limited to _MODA_MAXGROUPDEVICES (65535 by default). 


The group is created by used using C++ keyword new DeviceGroupxxxxxx, and released by deleting the object (delete). 


The DevicesGroup class must not be directly instantiated: Typically we use the excess loads of groups such as DevicesGroupDistance or DevicesGroupMotor, which take charge of the capabilities specific to the type of device concerned.

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