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Connection Methods

The methods of the Connection class are listed here.

Getting the world's ambient light color. 
Changing the world's ambient light color (float). 
Changing the world's ambient light color (Byte). 
Protocol number (level) used for dialing with MODA server. 
Close TCP connection between the application and MODA server. 
Getting the Marilou-Exec running version. 
Read keyboard keys state. 
Getting the latest system error. 
Gets the IP address or network name used by Connect
Gets the TCP port used by Connect
Getting MODA server maximum protocol number (protocol level) 
Allows to know simulated time, in milliseconds from the start of the simulation. 
Allows to know if Connection object is connected to the server. 
[DEBUG] Lock the connection. 
Searching a specified PHX from the connection. 
Searching a specified PHX from the connection and creating an user class from RobotPHX
Getting the world's PHX. 
Initializing last system error. 
Resetting the simulation. 
Pausing the simulation. 
Starting/Continuing the simulation. 
introduced with L27 and M1 versions, do not use with lower versions. internal use only 
Stepping the simulation. 
Suspend the calling thread for a delay (simulated milli-seconds). 
[DEBUG] Unlock the connection. 
Suspend thread for a delay (simulated seconds). 
Pausing video recording. 
Resuming video recording. 
Starting video recording. 
Stopping video recording. 
Changing the active viewpoint. 
Choosing the default user viewpoint. 
Moving the default user viewpoint. 
Suspend the calling thread for a delay. 
Waits for Exec complete stop. 
Waits for the complete simulation engine (Exec) startup. 
Suspend the calling thread until a specific time. 
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