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Connection class constructor.

Connection(bool bEnableConnectionConsoleMessages, int TCPChannelsCount = DefaultModaTCPChannels);
bool bEnableConnectionConsoleMessages 
[in] Enable/disable consoles messages. 
int TCPChannelsCount = DefaultModaTCPChannels 
[in] TCP channels count : the minimum value is 3. (this parameter is optional) 

A Connection object opens several TCP channels for dialing with MODA server. A robotics application can talk with the server with several threads, in parallel. Every device call gets a free TCP channel for dialing then free it when the call returns. The minimum channels count is 3. A robotics application that uses more than 3 threads can open more channels by specifying the required count when creating a Connection object (TCPChannelsCount). 


When no more channel is available for a device call, the caller is awaiting for a free channel during 50 ms. After this time, and if no channel is available, the call returns with the system error MODA_ETCPCHANNELSBUSY (-4). 


A thread dial with Moda server by locking a channel during the time required for sending/receiving data. Some commands like Camera images retrieval, 'xxxWaitComplete' sensor functions or Sleep/Wait functions can lock the channel during a long time. If your application is using a lot of threads, you should increase the number of Connection's TCP channels.

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