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Create and simulate a differential wheeled robot

Create and simulate a differential wheeled robot.

This tutorial will show you how to use Marilou to create a simulation project containing two differential wheeled robots.

The points covered by this simulation project include the following: 


  • Project
  • World
  • PHX
  • Programming


This tutorial is designed to help you to become acquainted with Marilou rapidly. The project in this tutorial is composed of a world, 2 robots, and a simple avoid-obstacle. program. Each robot has 2 distance sensors and 2 motors. An obstacle avoidance application determines each robot's behavior. You can find all of the resources used in this tutorial in the folder Samples/documentation/SimpleDifferential


This tutorial is made with Marilou 2009: all steps are Marilou 2008 compatible but the light and shadows that may differ a little ...

Prepare the simulation project. 
Creating the robot. 
Creating the world. 
Check the environment and models. 
AvoidObstacle program. 
Tutorial simulation ! 
Programming your robot using the Class Creator tool
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