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Tutorial simulation !

We are now ready to check the efficience of our AvoidObstacle sample. It is possible to start the AvoidObstacle application from several ways (automatically, from visual studio, from command line ...) : we choose here to run it automatically at simulation startup. 


Modify default configuration settings

  1. Open the default configuration (Default) settings document,
  2. Choose Execute panel, and click on Add button
  3. Browse the AvoisObstable.exe file (our sample)
  4. Set /robot:/robot0 in the Arguments textbox.

Repeat procedure for starting another AvoidObstacle.exe instance for the second robot, using /robot:/robot1 as Argument




You can run the simulation from several ways (See also Execute Simulation), we choose here to run it from Marilou IDE. 

Click on the Start Simulation button (): Exec simulator is starting and shows our two robots moving in the area !! 


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