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Getting the contacts states.

M32 GetContacts(MU8 * pContacts, int ContactsCount);
MU8 * pContacts 
[in/out] M8 table filled in by the function with the 0 or 1 values depending on
whether the sensor detects a contact or not. 
int ContactsCount 
[in] Table size in number of elements. 

The system error code MODA_EOK if no error occurred, an error (see MODA errors) otherwise.

GetContacts reads the contact/switch state of each contact sensor of the group.

The table is filled in with the contact states of the sensors present within the group. The number of elements filled in is the minimum between the size of the group and the size of the table. The 0 value indicates a lack of contact, 1 indicates one contact.

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