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MODA variables and constants.

Error constants:

The error constants are returned from MODA function calls. If the function call does not return any MODA error (for exemple, true/false), you can get the last error by using GetLastSystemError


The errors returned by devices are stored (if specified) in the pDeviceResponse argument.

The specified device has already been added at the group. 
Internal error. 
A adding attempt of a device to a group failed. 
The size of the argument given to the device is inferior to that one necessary. 
The argument is out of range. 
MODA canít supply an answer immediately, because the calling is in grouped mode. 
The connection TCP has been lost. 
The class of the device doesnít match at the class of the group. 
The device canít be called because itís stopped. 
When the device is working, it is not linked to any robot. 
The connection TCP has been lost during the treatment of the query. 
Unable to find the required entity. 
Argument entity type is not the required type. 
The query couldnt be treated because the argument requires to define a limit 
The specified session is invalid. 
Unsupported function. 
The specified session is invalid. 
It hasnít been possible to find the entity required. 
Operation canceled. 
NULL parameter. 
A serious error is happened at the time of the message treatment by the device. 
Any error to indicate. 
Operation timeout. 
Operation rejected by the destination. 
The size of the receipt table sent to the device is inferior to that one. 
Erreur inconnue. 
Destination not found. 
The system failed before having to send the message to the device. 
Unable to obtain a free TCP channel for dialing with the MODA server. 
Unknown function call. 
Operation timeout. 
Protocol level (number) used by this MODA instance. 
Default Connection's TCP channels. 
Minimum Connection's TCP channels. 
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