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GetXYZInstantValues allows to read the 3 axes accelerations values of each accelerometer / gyro of the group.

M32 GetXYZInstantValues(Moda::Commons::AXESXYZValues * pAccelerations, int AccelerationsCount);
Moda::Commons::AXESXYZValues * pAccelerations 
[in/out] AXISXYZAccelerations table (see page 229) filled in by the function with the instant accelerations values. 
int AccelerationsCount 
[in] table size in number of elements. 

The system error code MODA_EOK if no error occurred, an error (see MODA errors) otherwise.

The table is filled in with the specified axis acceleration values of each accelerometer/gyro present within the group. The number of elements filled in is the minimum between the size of the group and the size of the table.

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