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Exec configuration options.

Various settings can be adjusted. These settings can be saved in a file (Save button) and imported (Import button). Also, It is possible to force Exec to start with a predefined 'startup file' using the 'active configuration' settings panel. The Following dialog-boxes can be found in the Options->Settings menu. 


Display Settings 
Floor grid: Displays/hides white grid lines on the ground.

Object Axes: Displays/hides object axes.

Objects shadows: Displays/hides the shadows on objects that are configured with a shadow. Note: this function may consume a lot of GPU resources.

Display skybox: Displays/hides the skybox.

Wire Frame: Displays wire frame or fully drawn objects.

Display Time: Displays/hides simulated time.

Distance sensors: Shows/hide distance sensors rays.

Air pressure: Shows/hide rays used for air pressure approximation.

Touch area helpers: Shows/hide touch area sensitive zones

Display mode: Selects the rendering mode to be used when Exec starts.

Multi-sampling: Determines the number of antialiasing passes to use (depends of video card capacity).

Scene back color: Default scene background color when the Skybox is not displayed.

Wait vertical blanking: Waits or not the screen vertical blanking before displaying generated 3D images.

Update frame every: sets scene display refresh frequency, expressed in simulated milliseconds.

Allow render to shift: determines whether or not the system can shift a 3-D rendering to the next cycle. It is better to keep this option checked in order to maintain real-time physics.

Update method: Indicates whether or not the "Update frame every" option should be multiplied by "Real time multiplier". 


Recording Settings: 
Output size: images width/height (pixel).

Antialiasing: image processing for producing better quality. 'None' means that the image is recorded without any processing. Antialiased images (downsampling) are nicest but are using more CPU.

Fps: (Frame per second), the number of images recorded per second (simulated seconds).

Output format: Screenshots output format. 


Options Settings: 
Allow DOS ... : Indicates whether or not a DOS (debug) Window should be opened when Exec is starting. This window shows the progression of simulation startup, as well as any potential errors.

Startup: Indicates the size and style of the Exec window.

Always on top: Indicates whether or not the Exec window should be displayed on top of all other windows. 


Trace display: 
Default settings for Trace Display objects:

Update Every : Update delay from two absolute position capture.

Trace Length: Trace length in second.

Trace Width: Trace width in meter.

Color: Trace color.

(See also TraceDisplay
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