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Compatibility plugins

Describes Marilou's compatibility plugins (how to make your robots compatible with existing systems).

Compatibility plugins are connected to PHXs. They allow you to emulate the behavior of existing robots. For example, emulating the EASYROBOTOICS SXW24 card's serial protocol is the same as connecting the corresponding plugin to the PHX that describes the robot. Once this plugin is attached to the robot, applications can connect via a virtual serial port in order to dialog with the SXW24 card using the EASYROBOTICS protocol. 

With this feature, applications written for simulated robots are 100% compatible with real robots.

Attaching a compatibility plugin to a robot. 
Compatibility plugins for EASYROBOTICS products. 
Communication plugin for dialing from outside the simulated world. 
Compatibility plugins for GOSTAI products. 
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