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Automatic sound

Automatic sounds.

Today, this kind of sound is available on sero and motor devices: it will be extended in the future to other devices and physics (choc). The sound is computed according to the axis rotation. 


Note: using sound consumes a lot a CPU time (3D surround). 


Rotation axis sound:
Emit sound: indicates if the device is able to emit sound.

Sound File: sound file (files management)

Range: sound range.

Activation: indicates the range of speed where the sound is active: 

  • Less than Start Value: the sound is stopped,
  • Higher than Saturation Value, the rotation speed become a constant (=Saturation value).

Frequency: input frequency multiplier: the multiplier is extrapolated within Start and Saturation values.

Volume: like Frequency, the sound volume is extrapolated within Start and Saturation values.

<1 : acts as a divider
=1 : use input values
>1 : acts as a multiplier


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