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Compatibility with Gostai URBI.

URBI may be accessed via one or more TCP ports. Servers are noted as "Urbi for xxxxx", where xxxxx implements the robot's specific UObjects. A single robot may contain several servers. 


PHX configuration 
Attach the "Gostai Urbi for xxxxx" to the PHX 
Edit plugin properties (default folders, device mapping, etc.) 
Save the PHX, which is now comptible with the URBI language. All the selected robot's UObjects are accessible. 


Place the PHX in a world. 
Select the Data Servers tab in the current configuration (that which is executing the world that contains the robot).

Change the TCP port values so that each server has a unique number.

Check/uncheck "Gostai Urbi servers enabled" to allow/block server startup. 


Execute simulation: your robot is accessible via the selected TCP port and is ready to receive URBI commands..

URBI Programming

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