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Apply a force vector to the geometry.

bool SetForce(MODAVECTOR3 & ForcePosition, bool bRelativePosition, MODAVECTOR3 & ForceAxisAndLength, bool bRelativeForceAxis, MU32 DurationMS = INFINITE);
MODAVECTOR3 & ForcePosition 
[in] Vector origin. 
bool bRelativePosition 
[in] true if the vector origin is relative to the geometry, false if absolute. 
MODAVECTOR3 & ForceAxisAndLength 
[in] Force vector (direction * intensity). 
bool bRelativeForceAxis 
[in] true if the force vector is relative to the geometry, false if absolute. 
MU32 DurationMS = INFINITE 
[in] Vector life time in ms. After the time life, the vector is canceled. 

true if the command was sent, false otherwise.

SetForce applies a force vector to a dynamic geometry (inside a rigid body). The force origin can be relative or absolue, the force vector represents the force direction (relative or absolute) and the length of the force. Each call to this function cancels the effets of previous calls to SetForce, SetTorque and SetForceAndTorque. The vector lifetime is infinite if DurationMS=INFINITE.


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