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Wait servos reach specific angular positions (degrees).

M32 WaitPositionsDegCompleteWithErrors(float * pPositions, float * pAcceptableErrors, int Count, MU32 Timeout);
float * pPositions 
[in] Pointer to an array of angular positions (float). Every position is given to the corresponding servo in the group, at the same index. (degrees) 
float * pAcceptableErrors 
[in] Pointer to an array of angular acceptable errors (float). (degrees) 
int Count 
[in] pPositions and pAcceptableErrors members count. 
MU32 Timeout 
[in] Timeout (ms). 

System error code or MODA_EOK.

WaitPositionDegCompleteWithErrors pauses the calling thread until every servo in the group have reach the specified positions parameters. Thread resuming is done according to the position, acceptable angular error and timeout values. 


See WaitPositionXXX notes.

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