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Reads raw data from the device

int RawRead(void * pData, int MaxDataByteSize, bool Synchronous = false, M32 * pDeviceResponse = NULL, void * pReserved = NULL);
void * pData 
[out] Pointer to buffer to be filled 
int MaxDataByteSize 
[in] Buffer bytes size 
bool Synchronous = false 
[in] Synchronous call if true, one shot read otherwise 
M32 * pDeviceResponse = NULL 
(see Message
void * pReserved = NULL 
(see Message

The number of bytes filled in destination buffer, can be less or equal to MaxDataByteSize.

Some devices provides raw data flows. The message sent to the device is Moda::STDCoreDevicesMessages::COREDEVICE_READ if Synchronous is false, Moda::STDCoreDevicesMessages::COREDEVICE_SYNCREAD otherwise. 


When Synchronous flag is true, the function call remains blocked until the device has something to write on the data flow. If Synchronous is false, function can returns with no data read.

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