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Device::MessageEx (M32, void *, M32, xkode::lib::Array<MU8> &, M32 *)

MessageEx sends an extented message to the device. (see Message)

M32 MessageEx(M32 Message, void * pDataIn, M32 iDataInByteSize, xkode::lib::Array<MU8> & ResponseArray, M32 * piDeviceResponse);
M32 Message 
[in] Message to be send to the device 
void * pDataIn 
[in] Pointer on data, can be NULL 
M32 iDataInByteSize 
[in] Size of data in bytes 
xkode::lib::Array<MU8> & ResponseArray 
[out] Reference on the dynamic table of bytes which will receive the answer 
M32 * piDeviceResponse 
[out] Device error message 

MODA_EOK if the system was able to transmit the message to the device, an error value otherwise (see MODA errors)

The extended messages are used by the devices as the cameras which exchange large data flows. Network transport is optimized especially for this kind of device. See Message to learn more on the MODA messages system.

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