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Marilou Open Devices Access (MODA)

Marilou Open Devices Access (MODA).


MODA is the default Marilou SDK. This one let you reach every robots, simulated or not on the same computer. MODA is multi-robots, multi sessions for centralized or distributed architecture. You can see samples in the [MARILOU_INSTALL_DIR]\samples directory. Also MODA is OPEN-SOURCE and compatible Windows/Linux (native C++ version only). 


MODA is available for C, C++, C++ CLI (.Net FrameWork), C#, VB # and J #, for several compilers. 


The following sections show how to create a MODA project and control your simulated robots. You can also use the Applications wizard that creates a minimum project for your compiler, including minimum source code. 



MODA works over TCP/IP and UDP, port 13000.


This section describes how to create a native C++ MODA project.


This section describes how to create a managed MODA project (.Net Framework). 
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