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MODA Managed

This section describes how to create a managed MODA project (.Net Framework).

Add a reference to Marilou.Moda dll assembly in your project in order to get all objects/functions provided by MODA for managed code. Marilou.Moda.dll supports C#, VB#, J# or C++ CLI. 


Several versions of the assembly are available:
  • Marilou.Moda.dll for X86 projects (Visual studio from 2005 to 2008),
  • Marilou.Moda64.dll for X64 projects (Visual studio from 2005 to 2008),


  • Marilou.Moda10-X86.dll for X86 projects (Visual studio 2010 ),
  • Marilou.Moda10-X64.dll for X64 projects (Visual studio 2010 ),


Note: don't use the default AnyCPU configuration from Visual Studio project. Consider to create a targeted x86 or x64 configuration according to the choosen Marilou.Moda


Marilou.Moda is located in the [INSTALL_DIR]\Sdks\Moda\libs. The code source and build projects are located in [INSTALL_DIR]\Sdks\Moda\Marilou.Moda


Because MODA managed functions are exactly the same as the C++ native ones, you can use the MODA C++ documentation.

MODA application, .Net Framework (C++ CLI, C#) based. 
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