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Using Touch Area

Using Touch Area device.



See also the sample samples/devices/toucharea 

  • Select the entity on witch you want to interact with the mouse (the green sphere used to open the barrier in this sample)
  • Show the Modify panel then select the Devices sub-panel.



  • Click on Choose Device icon to open the list of plugins that can be attached to this geometry,
  • Choose Touch Area

Mount As: device name. 

Double-click on the device for open the settings dialog box:

Mouse input sensitive: indicates if the device is user mouse input sensitive.

Physics contact sensitive: indicates if the Touch Area is physics contact sensitive. If yes, the 'Enable Contact' flag must be checked on the parent entity. (working with physics entities only).

Contact Persistence: when a contact occurs, the 'touch' 'on state' flag is set to 'true' during the 'contact persistence' time. 
MODA programming: control this device using the DeviceTouchArea
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