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Editor's main toolbars.

Shows the Modify panel and displays the properties of the selected entity. If several entities are selected, only the properties of the first two are displayed. 
Refreshes the PHX. In particular, reloads rendered entities from 3-D files and sub-PHXs that were modified in another window. 
Reset selected entities local matrix (identity). 
Reset selected entities local matrix's rotation part. 
Opens the Create Local Matrix dialog box: useful for creating matrix by composing angles around axes (Yaw, Pitch, Roll). 
Automatically assembles selected physical entities together as a rigid body.

If several entities are selected, Auto Body dialogbox proposes two options:

  • A rigid body is made for each entity (Add one body for each geom, detached), or
  • The selected entities may be assembled into one unique (single) rigid body (Create an unique rigid body, assembly).

Manual method 



Assigns the position of the first selected entity to subsequent ones. You may choose a specific axis. 
Applies the same spacing that is between the first and second entities to subsequent entities (Before, after): 

Assigns the same length, width, or height of the first selected entity to subsequent ones. 
Assigns all the dimensions (length, width, and height) of the first selected entity to subsequent ones. 
Aligns entities vertically or horizontally with respect to the first selected entity. 


Links the second (and subsequent) selected entities to the first. 
Automatic links can be used to link:

  • A rendered 3-D entity to a physical entity
  • A physical entity to a rigid body
  • A rigid body to a joint


Selects the previous entity (starting from the selected entry), in the same level. The spin box indicates the parent entity of the currently selected entity. 
Selects the next entity (starting from the selected entry), in the same level. The spin box shows the selected entity's childs. 


Selects the configuration to run 
Runs the selected configuration 
Saves current document 
Saves all open documents 
Opens a simulation project 
"Cut" (removes item and places it in the Windows clipboard) 
"Copy" (makes a copy of the selected item in the Windows clipboard) 
Pastes the contents of the clipboard 
Undo last action 
Redo last canceled action 
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