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PHX (physics)

A PHX is an autonomous physical entity that may either be imported into a higher-level PHX or into a world directly.

PHX (Physics), (*.mphx)

A PHX is a file that you can edit in Marilou. It contains the definition of a robot or autonomous physical entity. A PHX may later be imported into other PHXs or into worlds. This concept makes it possible to reuse a robot built for a previous simulation project in a new project. 

PHXs can also be used to isolate the various components in a robot. This makes it possible to import them into higher-level entities according to the following "ascending" concept: 



"Spider" example:
A PHX contains the definition for a "leg," including the collision modem, assembly in a rigid body, and the type of connection between the rigid bodies.

This autonomous PHX entity can be reused in other models where a "leg" is required. 
The Spider PHX is an assembly of 4 references to pattes.phx with a "box".
The legs are connected to the box using "universal" connectors. 
The world (which is actually composed of higher-level PHX's, may contain multiple references to the spider robot.

Creating the world consists of importing references to already-assembled PHX's.

The spider.mworld world contains:

  • 2 references to spider.phx
  • 1 landscape
  • a textured area


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