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Intrinsic properties

Built-in PHX document properties.

Built-in properties are saved for each document (PHX and worlds). 


Open the properties of the current document by selecting PHX -> Settings submenu:




Type: Indicates the type of PHX (do not have any effect in Marilou-Exec):

  • Sub-object assembly represents a non-autonomous part that must be assembled with something else.
  • Complete robotics/object part is used for autonomous PHX, which can be mounted on another PHX and used as-is.
  • Complete robot/object is for a completely autonomous PHX that can be placed in a world.

General, Constructor legal information & copyright: For information purposes only, and does not have any effect on simulation. 

The Compatibility tab lists the plugins that must be mounted for this PHX.

(see Compatibility plugins) 
Document's properties:
Display Grid: allow to show/hide the grid displayed in the document. If showed, the grid's element's size and count can be set.

Save document using XML text format: if the option is checked, the document is saved using the XML text format instead of binary one (default). The binary format is faster for read operations and allow to store a preview picture used in the Windows explorer. 

Compatibility plugins

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