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Using Surface Motion

Using device SurfaceMotion.

The SurfaceMotion device is attachable on physics geometries. This tutorial shows the conveyor created in the Samples/Scenes/KUKA-KR6 sample. 


Creating the SurfaceMotion:

  • Create a box type geometry,
  • Check the 'Enable auto motion' property in order to display the Surface Motion Axis (blue)



  • Select the auto-motion axis in order to display its properties. Do it by selecting the axis in the 3D view or by pressing the axis button on the right of the 'Enable auto motion' checkbox.
  • Click on Choose Device icon to open the list of plugins that may be attached to this geometry,
  • Choose Surface Motion / Conveyor

Mount As: device name.

Startup: Choose 'On' to force the device to apply the predefined speed on simulation startup. 

Double-click on the device for open the settings dialog box:

Max Speed: the maximum speed that is allowed by the device (+/-).

Initial Speed: speed automatically applied when the device enters in ON state. 
In MODA programming, SurfaceMotions are accessible via the DeviceSurfaceMotion class. The device's full path in this example, starting at PHX "/" is "boxname/axisname/device0". 
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