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Creating a rendered entity and adding it to the view.

This section describes how to create a rendered entity and add it to the view. 



Adding a rendered entity to a view:


  • Select the Add tab, then select the 3D sub-tab.
  • Click on the desired shape in order to activate the creation mode (as with any other entity).



  • Place the mouse cursor over the view in witch the entity will be created.
  • Left click on the view in order to activate it: a yellow rectangle around the view is displayed and the mouse cursor enters in 'creation mode'.
  • Left click in the view, at the desired location, in order to start the geometry creation on its first dimension. un-click in order to continue the creation with the next ones if required.


Special dialog box:
If you choose an entity that requires a file, like a mesh, a dialog box will prompt you to choose the file path and how the file is managed:

Path: file full path,
Mesh unit: indicates the coordinates multiplier in order to scale the input mesh.
Auto center vertices: if checked, the option auto center mesh coordinates around (0,0,0),
Mesh information: allow/disallow mesh information display. This display can take several seconds according to the mesh complexity.

Bounding box: mesh's bounding box size, around its center.
Center: indicates the current mesh translation. it should be 0,0,0 if Auto center vertices is checked 
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