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Triangle meshes

Triangle meshes.

Triangle meshes are used in circumstances where native shapes are no longer sufficient to help design the model you need, as well as when the precision of contact and force are not critical. In that case, the collision model is based on a list of triangles read from 3-D files or the integrated library. 



Collisions between native shaped and triangle meshes is relatively stable. On the other hand, collisions between triangle meshes is less reliable. For this reason, it is best to find a modeling solution that accumulates native geometries rather than using triangle meshes.

Still, in some cases it is necessary to use these shapes. For example, you will need to use triangles meshes when cones or tubes are required in simulation.

Marilou includes an object library of triangle meshes. This library provides entities that are optimized for speed and stability, by using the minimum number of triangles. When you need to use one of these shapes, you may load it from a 3-D file (Insert from file). 

Supported files format: .X (binary and text), .OBJ, .3DS, .mesh et .STL (binary and text)

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