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Step 3

Embedded devices.

We will attach embedded devices to our robot. The devices are attached directly on entities: a distance sensor can be attached on zone entity whereas a motor is always attached to a joint axis. In this sample, we will use the default sensors/motors properties. 


In this chapter we will attach a motor on joints axes : therefore, it is easier to create one joint, setting its properties and devices, then copy/paste it ... 


(See also embedded devices


Step 1: Motors
Axe's properties:
Select right joint's axis then show the Modify panel.

For selecting an axis, you can click on the axe from a view using mouse, or, select the joint then click in the picture that show the axis (in front of Body 1 or Body 2 properties). 
Attach a motor:
(See also Motors and Servos)

  1. Show the axis's Devices sub panel,
  2. Click on Choose Device button,
  3. Choose a motor device type then OK (keep default parameters),
  4. Rename the device to mymotor.

Repeat the procedure for left joint's axis. 



Step 2: Distance sensors

  1. Select zone_right and show the Modify panel,
  2. Choose the Devices sub panel,
  3. Click on Choose Device button and choose a Distance sensor device type (default properties are set for ultrasonic sensors).
  4. Rename the device mysensor.

Repeat the procedure for the left zone. 



You can see on pictures that devices are in Auto-on state: that's mean that they are inactive until an external application try to communicate with them.

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