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Pressurized air

Generating force using air pressure.

The air pressure system is attached to a "Zone". The field of action for its force is limited to the size of the Zone. The physical simulator uses a system that sends out rays to determine the objects on which air pressure is applied. If several objects lie within the path of the ray's field, only the first object reacts to the force.

The air pressure apply force on objects that are in the fields of the zone. This force is proportional to the distance from the impact point to the ray start point, for each ray. The force is maximum (MaxForce) when the impacts points are near the rays start points, equal to MaxForce*MinForceCoef when the impacts points are on zone's limits. The force takes in account the 'normal' vector of the contact point. Also each ray can apply a maximum force defined as : (MaxForce)/(Number of rays). 


If 'Pressure's backward forces' is checked: 

- The force applied to the zone's parent rigid body is the same than the one applied on objects that are inside the zone (with a negative sign). 

- If no obstacle is present for a ray, the system applies -( MaxForce/Number of rays)*MinForceCoef Newtons. 


MODA: DeviceAirPressure class.


Placing an air pressure system into the model.


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