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GoPositionsIndex changes the position command of the servos present within the group. Each servo has its own set point and its own movement speed.

bool GoPositionsIndex(M32 * pIndices, float * pSpeeds, int IndicesCount);
M32 * pIndices 
[in] Pointer on a M32 table that contains the new indexed positions of each servo. 
float * pSpeeds 
[in] Pointer on a table of float that contains the speeds (in radians/s) to be assigned to each servo. If pSpeeds is NULL, it is the maximum speed that is applied. 
int IndicesCount 
[in] Number of elements contained in pIndices. Note : if pSpeeds is not NULL, its size must be superior than or equal to pPositions. 

True no error occurred, false otherwise.

Each entry of the positions table is assigned to the corresponding servo. The same goes for the speed. If the pointer on the speeds is NULL, it is the maximum speed which is applied to each servo.

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