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DeviceServoMotor::GoPositionIndex (int, float, M32 *, void *)

Change the servo's angular position (Index) at the specified speed.

bool GoPositionIndex(int Index, float SpeedRadPerSec, M32 * pDeviceResponse = NULL, void * pReserved = NULL);
int Index 
[in] New indexed position 
float SpeedRadPerSec 
[in] Rotation speed expressed in degrees/s if SpeedRadPerSec is positive.
If SpeedRadPerSec is equal to 0, then rotation is done at max speed (see manufacturer documentation).
If SpeedRadPerSec less than 0, SpeedRadPerSec represents a 'time' expressed in seconds required to reach specified position. The required speed is computed automatically. 
M32 * pDeviceResponse = NULL 
(see Message
void * pReserved = NULL 
(see Message

True if the servo has well received the new position, false otherwise.

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