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DeviceServoMotor::GoPositionDeg (float, float, M32 *, void *)

Change the servo's angular position at the specified speed (Deg).

bool GoPositionDeg(float Deg, float SpeedDegPerSec, M32 * pDeviceResponse = NULL, void * pReserved = NULL);
float Deg 
[in] New angular position in degrees 
float SpeedDegPerSec 
[in] Rotation speed expressed in degrees/s if SpeedDegPerSec is positive.
If SpeedDegPerSec is equal to 0, then rotation is done at max speed (see manufacturer documentation).
If SpeedDegPerSec less than 0, SpeedDegPerSec represents a 'time' expressed in seconds required to reach specified position. The required speed is computed automatically. 
M32 * pDeviceResponse = NULL 
(see Message
void * pReserved = NULL 
(seer Message

True if the servo has well received the new position, false otherwise.

Ask the servo to change its position. The new position is in degrees, the moving is done at the specified speed if non 0, at max speed otherwise.

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