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Reads the sensor's distance measure (synchronous call).

float GetMeasureWaitComplete(M32 * pDeviceResponse = NULL, void * pReserved = NULL);
M32 * pDeviceResponse = NULL 
(see Message
void * pReserved = NULL 
(see Message

The sensor distance measurement, 0 if an error occurred.

GetMeasureWaitComplete gets the distance measurement of the sensor, in meter. If the sensor 'see' nothing, measurement is equal to the maximum detection distance. If time from latest call is > to the device update delay, the function returns immediately with the latest sensor value. Otherwise, GetMeasureWaitComplete is blocked until device produces a new measurement. The device update delay is about 40 ms if device is chained with a known device, 10 ms otherwise. 



Caution: measurement 0 can mean OR NOT that error it occurred. It is required to use pDeviceResponse to make the difference between an error and a true 0 measurement.

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