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The joints between rigid bodies.

Joints determine the degrees of freedom of movement for one rigid body with respect to another. Simulation can be fine-tuned by adjusting joint limits and other parameters. Joints are attached to rigid bodies or to a static environment. To connect an axis to a static environment, just select the "None / static-environment" body on the corresponding axis (if supported by the joint). 

The Fixed joint is useful for the following situations:

  • Connecting a local-PHX's rigid body to a sub-PHX's rigid body: for exemple linking a sensor (or an assembly) created in a PHX with the local robot.
  • Attaching the robot's base on the floor: for exemple a arm that is attached on the floor. The base cannot move and the robot is stable (since 4.3.1, this feature can be replaced by a Kinematic body)

Create a joint between two rigid bodies.


Joints and axes properties.


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