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Student license

Register a student license.

If you are eligible Research/Education, you can install free STUDENT licenses on students personal computers. (see our general term of sales, or contact us directly for learning more about STUDENT licenses) . 


Step 1: License owner or license contact:

The license owner/contact have to give to student the Customer ID (from invoice of the purchase license file) and contact's mail (the same as the one register in the license file). 


Step 2: Student:

Use the Student request panel from License Manager and fill required fields. Then click on the Post Request button in order to register your computer. 



Step 3: License owner or license contact:

Go to and log-in using your account login/password and your customer ID (the login is the mail registered in the purchased license file). The page is available only if your account has been activated by anyKode : contact for creating the account. 

The web page shows you the registered licenses and students request. You just have to Accept or Refuse the request. 


Note: Accepting a student request is definitive until expiration of said license, it is not possible to cancel it. 


Step 4: Student:

Use the Check request button to get information about your request status. If the license manager has accepted your request, the dialog box will propose you to download and install your STUDENT license automatically.

Marilou STUDENT licenses are valid for a limited period of time, and expire on the same date as support expires for purchased licenses. Assignment of a STUDENT license to a studentís computer is definitive until expiration of said license. Beyond that time, if the purchased license is renewed, the associated STUDENT licenses are once again usable, in the same quantity as that specified in the renewed license. In this case, the new STUDENT licences can be installed on the same computer than before or a new student's one.

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