anyKode Marilou
License File

Install your License file.

Marilou installer program installs automatically a Demo license file. 

In order to take full advantage of the application and its features you must install a purchased license file. 


Open the License Manager:
  • Open the Windows Start menu, select Marilou -> License Manager or
  • In a 'command prompt' window, navigate to the bin sub-directory in the Marilou installation directory and run Marilou.exe /li



The left-hand panel shows currently installed license information; the right-hand side shows the License file contents. 


Load the new License file:

In the License Explorer panel, click on "..." to browse for your licence file. 

Then click on Install to install the new file. 

Note: you may not revert to a previous License file after installing a new one. 

Click on Quit to close the License Manager window.

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