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MATLAB Sample.

The sample is located in [MarilouInstallDir]\Samples\external\MATLAB\Interface. You can see in this directory the Robot.dll that is the cmex function, and RobotInterface.m that is a sample GUI for MATLAB. This GUI works with the Robot.dll cmex function. 


For trying this sample:
  1. Open the world project with Marilou,
  2. Execute the simulation,
  3. Run Matlab and set 'current directory' to [MarilouInstallDir]\Samples\external\MATLAB\Interface
  4. In the MATLAB command line, enter RototInterface the press [enter] : the GUI opens.


In the GUI:
  1. If required, set the IP and Robot strings,
  2. Press 'Connect'
  3. Press 'Update' for updating camera image.


(See screenshot)

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