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Reference properties

Imported PHX properties (Reference).

As all geometries placed in a world (or PHX), imported PHXs have properties. They define how the reference will be mounted by the Marilou-Exec simulator.

Open document: Opens the referenced file in order to modify the PHX structure.

Mount fully: Mounts the full PHX, with its geometries, joints, rigid bodies, and embedded devices.

Convert to static: For static mounting. The simulator will deletes joints, rigid bodies, and embedded devices.

Disable contacts: Turns off contact handling for all referenced physics geometries.

Disable Shadows: Turns off the shadows for all geometries in the file.

Anchor size: Sets the size of the PHX representation square in the world. This size setting is for visual purposes only and has no effect on the simulation.

Mass: Indicates the total PHX mass. 
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