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Creating a physics entity and adding it to a world.

Adding a physics entity to a world 

(see Getting Started tutorial)

Select the Add tab, then click on "Physics geoms".

Just as with other entities, left-click on the desired shape to activate creation mode.

Place your mouse cursor over the view in which you would like to place the geometry. The cursor switches to creation mode (red).
Left-click at the location where you want to begin creating the entity. The first left click activates the view if it was not already the application focus (in which case you need to click again to begin creating the geometry).

Generally speaking, geometries are constructed in several steps. As an example (for a box):

  • The first click (hold the mouse button down) + moving the mouse defines the box base.
  • Releasing the button + moving the mouse defines the height.
  • Click one more time to finish creating the geometry.



Getting Started tutorial

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