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Image::Image (const Image &, bool)

Constructor using a copy of the source image + Antialiasing.

Image(const Image & i, bool bPerformDownSampling);
const Image & i 
[in] Image to initialize from. 
bool bPerformDownSampling 
[in] Indicates if the instance must be down-sampled (Antialiasing) 

The instance is created with a copy of the parameter. If bPerformDownSampling is set to true, the instance size (width/height) is equals to the source image sizes / 2. The down-sampling is performed by creating an average of the 4 consecutive pixels (2 on the length, 2 on the height). 


(Camera image 320*240 normal) 

(Camera image 640*480 down-sampled to 320*240) 
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