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Geom::Explode (ExplodeParameters *)

Explode a geometry in multiple sub parts.

bool Explode(ExplodeParameters * pParameters);
ExplodeParameters * pParameters 
[in] Pointer to the explosion parameters. 

true if the geometry was exploded, false otherwise.

Explode explodes a geometry in multiple sub-parts. This feature is used to simulate robotics missions where suspect luggage, or hazardous terrain is required. 


See also the sample located in /samples/simple/explosion. 


The geometry can be exploded if:

  • It is a static geometry (not connected to a rigid body), or,
  • It is a dynamic geometry and the rigid body contains only this geometry. In this case, the body must be constraint free (joints)


In all other cases, the explode function fails.


The suspect luggage is located under the table, 



The explosion starts, 



The scenes explodes !

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