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Receiving data from an unspecified emitter.

int ReceiveFromAll(int CommunicationSession, int & FromCommunicationSession, xkode::lib::Array<MU8> & Data, int WaitTimeout = INFINITE, M32 * piDeviceResponse = NULL, void * pReserved = NULL);
int CommunicationSession 
[in] Caller communication session 
int & FromCommunicationSession 
[out] Reference to an integer filled out by the session identifier of the received message. 
xkode::lib::Array<MU8> & Data 
[out] Array of bytes, to be filled out with the received data. The array is always emptied by the function, then filled out with new data if any. 
int WaitTimeout = INFINITE 
[in] Timeout. The function will return MODA_EWAITCOMPLETETIMEOUT if there is no new message within the next WaitTimeout milli-seconds. Use the constant INFINITE in order to wait indefinitely. 
M32 * piDeviceResponse = NULL 
(see Message
void * pReserved = NULL 
(see Message

MODA_EOK if a new message is ready.

ReceiveFromAll is awaiting for incoming new message from an unspecified emitter session.

Marilou 4.7.0

Documentation v4.7 (18/01/2015), Copyright (c) 2015 anyKode. All rights reserved.
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