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CommandLine::GetArgumentValue (const xkode::lib::String &, const xkode::lib::String &)

Getting an argument's value (String type value).

static xkode::lib::String GetArgumentValue(const xkode::lib::String & Argument, const xkode::lib::String & DefaultValue);
const xkode::lib::String & Argument 
[in] Argument name 
const xkode::lib::String & DefaultValue 
[in] Default value to be returned if Argument or its value does not exist. 

If argument exits and its value is not empty, the return value is a string that contains the value. 

In other cases, the return value is the DefaultValue parameter.

GetArgumentValue retrieve the argument string value, if the argument exists, the default value otherwise.

Commandline = "/robot:myrobotname" 

GetArgumentValue("/robot" , "mydefaultvalue" ) will return "myrobotname". 

GetArgumentValue("/xxxx" , "mydefaultvalue" ) will return "mydefaultvalue".

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