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Using Range Finders

Using Range Finders.

Range Finders are attached to Zone entities (choose 'arc' zone style). 


Creating the Lidar:

  • Create a Zone and choose arc zone style.
  • Show the Modify panel then select the Devices sub-panel.



  • Click on Choose Device icon to open the list of plugins that may be attached to this geometry,
  • Choose Laser Range Finder

Mount As: device name.

Startup: Set it to 'On' to force device to start scanning space at the simulation startup. 

Double-click on the device for open the settings dialog box:

You can configure several working modes and set the default working mode by checking the corresponding line.

If needed, you can choose in the Instance panel, what is your preferred default working mode for this instance.

Min range: minimum distance (m): above this distance, the sensor cannot see obstacles.

Max Range: Maximum detectable distance (m).

Scan Duration: time required for the system to complete scan (s).

Scanning angle: scanning angle ()

Angular Resolution: angle between 2 measures ()

Noise: additional measure noise (+- %)
In MODA programming, range finders are accessible via the DeviceRangeFinder class. The device's full path in this example, starting at PHX "/" is "zone0/device0". 
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