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Using light sources

Placing an light source system into the model.

Light source devices are attached to a 3D Light type entity. 


Creating the light source:

  • Create a 3D Light entity and set its properties (type, ranges, colors ...),
  • Show the Modify panel then select the Devices sub-panel.



  • Click on Choose Device icon to open the list of plugins that may be attached to this geometry.
  • Choose Light Source.

Mount As: represents the name of the device in the simulation.
Startup: Set it to 'On' to force source to emit light at simulation startup.

If no device is attached to a 3D light, the light always diffuses its color. 

Double-click on the sensor's reference in order to display/change its settings:

Intensity Management:
If option is checked, light source is able to manage intensities values from 0.0 to 1.0. Otherwise, the light can only be in the states ON (1.0) or OFF (0.0).

Light's parent Emissive Color:
Choose how the light changes its parent's emissive color:

  • Keep: no change,
  • * Light diffuse: multiply each parent's emissive color rgb members with light's diffuse color rgb members,
  • = Light diffuse: light's parent's emissive color is set with light's diffuse.


In MODA programming, lights sources are accessible via the DeviceLightSource class. The device's full path in this example, starting at PHX "/" is "rlight0/device0". 


As 3D light is considered as a rendered entity, it is therefore possible to attach it to a physical entity so that it follows the movement of the entity (see Attaching to a physical entity).

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