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IRSP/Marilou Quick Reference Guide


Why IRSP with Marilou


IRSP with Marilou provides a robot developer with a complete set of robot building tools as well as a robust robot simulation tools with a number of virtual devices. 



What you need to install
  1. anyKode Marilou
  2. iRSP
  3. Marilou UPnP Components (Windows/Linux)


  1. Download a MarilouUPnP Components file.
  2. Extract the file to any folder.


Save the IP address of the computer which anykode Marilou is running on into config.xml.
  • The location of config.xml is either the folder where components are located or the parent folder of it. At first, the component finds config.xml in the folder where the component executable file is located. If it failed, it finds the xml file in the parent folder.
  • The content of config.xml is as follows. Write a IP address into values(XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX in the below):
    <param name=”SIMULATOR_IP” value=”XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX”/>
  • If it fails to find config.xml or the file has a problem in its content, the component terminates with an error message : “could not open configuration file”


Run the Component which will be used in a plan.

This example uses three devices which are DeviceMotor, DevicesGroupContact, DevicesGroupDistance, so execute the three components as below figures.

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