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Using GPS

Using a GPS.

The GPS can be attached on physics and 3D-only entities type. 


Creating the GPS:

  • Select the entity to attach the GPS to (green box),
  • Click on Choose Device icon to open the list of plugins that may be attached to this geometry,
  • Choose GPS

Mount As: the device name. 

Double-click on the device for open the settings dialog box:

Intrinsic Error: intrinsic error (E) of the sensor in the range [-E, +E] (m). The erreur is computed (random) on device startup for each position components and is added to the position on every device update.

Noise: random noise (N] in the range [-N, +N] added to the position on every device update.
In MODA programming, GPS are accessible via the DeviceGPS class. The device's full path in this example, starting at PHX "/" is "box0/gps". 
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