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Using force/torque sensors

Using a force/torque sensor.

Creating the sensor:


  • Create a joint and select axis,
  • Show the Modify panel then select the Devices sub-panel.



  • Click on Choose Device icon to open the list of plugins that may be attached to this geometry.
  • Choose Force and Torque Sensor.

Mount As: represents the name of the device in the simulation. 

Double-click on the sensor's reference in order to display/change its settings:

Max detectable force : maximum force that the sensor can detect. After this force, 'Max detectable force' is returned by the sensor.

Force sensor enabled : enable/disable force sensor measurement. If enabled, a saturation value can be set.

Torque sensor enabled : enable/disable torque sensor measurement. If enabled, a saturation value can be set. 
In MODA programming, force sensors are accessible via the DeviceForceSensor class. The device's full path in this example, starting at PHX "/" is slider0/a1/device0
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