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"Display" panel


The "Display" panel is used both for worlds and PHXs. It lets you choose from among various display options in order to show only specific elements in a scene. 



Note: the effects of some of these options may depend on the capabilities of your computer's video card. 


Wire Frame: on-screen rendering is performed using a wire frame display.

Texture Filtering: let you filter texture rendering.

Display Grid: shows/hides the reference grid on the view.

Shadows: shows/hides shadows.

Display Physics geometries: shows/hides physics geometries on the screen.

Display render models: shows/hides rendered geometries.

Display rigid body links: shows/hides the link (segment) that connects a rigid body type object to a physical geometry.

Display joint links: shows/hides the link (segment) that connects a joint-type object to a rigid body.

Display joint axis limits: shows/hides a joint's freedom angle.

Always visible: the links between solids/joints and geometries are always visible.

Ambient light: world's ambient light color.
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