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Exec V5 BETA

Marilou-Exec V5 BETA.

Exec V5 is the new Marilou simulation engine. It will progressively replace the current engine (V4.7.X). Exec V5 is built on a massively multi-threads architecture, cross platform and is now using OpenGL 2.1. The BETA program in working on Windows, Ubuntu and Mint: 


VirtualBox (Ubuntu under Windows) 


Installing Exec V5 for Windows (x86/x64):
  • Download the package from our downloads page,
  • Decompress the file, run MarilouExecInstaller.exe for starting the installer,
  • Now, EXECV5 is available from the Marilou Editor (See also Starting Exec).
  • Install OpenAL for sound management:


Installing Exec V5 for Ubuntu (Lucid/Oneiric) and Mint (12)
  • Download the package from our downloads page,
  • Decompress the file.


From a terminal window, in the directory where EXECV5 was uncompressed:

  • Give to the install file the 'execute' right (chmod +x install)
  • Start install ( ./install )
  • The installer starts, extract files and register some environment variables in the .profile file.
  • Once the installer finished, Log Out then login in order to activate the environment variables registered by the installer.


Required libraries for 3D: GLU, GLUT etc.

  • sudo apt-get install freeglut3 libglew1.5 libglu1-mesa libgl1-mesa-glx mesa-common-dev
  • Install the video drivers provided by your video card manufacturer (hardware 3D acceleration)


Required libraries for the video recording:

  • sudo apt-get install libavcodec-extra-52
  • sudo apt-get install libavformat-dev
  • sudo apt-get install ffmpeg


Some samples are built for Windows (Lidar, LCD, CameraDisplay etc.) : Install WINE in order to run them:

  • sudo apt-get install wine


Now, we are ready to check if all is OK: Open a terminal window and try the following command lines:

  • mexec (Exec must start and propose commande line options. If not, check in the .profile file if the PATH variable is well registered)
  • mexec $MV5_INSTALLDIR/samples/Scenes/TestWorld/Testworld.mdsp /c:normal (Exec starts the test world)
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